Rev Chris Oyakhilome Teachings

Each Sunday Christ Embassy ministers impart the living Word of God to BLW individuals around the globe. These teachings, in view of the Scriptures, are effective and engage devotees to live triumphantly paying little mind to their circumstances. There are numerous different discussions through which Christ Embassy Ministry uncovers the riddles of God’s Word. The Night of Bliss gatherings, held in diverse parts of the world, is one of them. Others are the Higher Life and different gatherings through which adherents and even priests of the Word of God are profoundly fed and prepared to serve. Teachings are likewise dispersed at the Healing School sessions and at the International School of Ministry at which Christ Embassy Pastor, Chris Oyakhilome clergymen.

Rev Chris, is known for enlightening  individuals on the importance of “Taking ownership from inside”. This is referential to the story of Joshua in the Old Testament. The Lord guaranteed Joshua, as the new pioneer of His kin that “Each spot that the sole of your foot will tread upon I have given you, as I said to Moses.” (Joshua 1:3). Be that as it may, in the New Testament allotment, we as devotees don’t need to set foot on a spot to take ownership of it. We can utilize our tongue to proclaim and take ownership in the soul without being physically present.

As an offspring of God, you can talk expressions of confidence over towns, urban areas and countries that are bound in chains of devilishness and malice. You can announce them a homestead holy as messengers of God has set forever inside of your heart as indicated by Ecclesiastes 3:11. There are no restrictions to the regions you can have in the soul! What’s more, this rule, taught by the Christ Embassy Pastor, Chris Oyakhilome and other Christ Embassy ministers, additionally applies to different parts of your day by day life. You can make your family and vocation consecrated grounds that the demon has no control over quite recently by saying daily declarations confidence through God’s word.