Rhapsody of Realities Floods Berlin with BLW Message

The Messenger Angel, Rhapsody of Realities radiated the light of the Gospel throughout Berlin, Germany. The book authored by the esteemed Man of God, Rev Chris Oyakhilome took its course in Germany and as always the power in the Word of God took over.


The 2016 ReachOut Germany Campaign with the Messenger Angel, Rhapsody of Realities, is ongoing and partners have been spreading the light and love of Jesus all over the country.


In Berlin, brethren hit the streets with much excitement and great expectation of a mighty harvest, after weeks of prayer, preparation and planning. They went out in the colours of the nation, heralding the Gospel of Jesus with much boldness and without shame or fear; in their hands was the Messenger Angel to distribute without prejudice.


Through their heroic efforts, many souls have come to the knowledge of Christ and have been gloriously saved; darkness is dispelled and great impact is made in the nation.


Rhapsody of Realities has spread throughout the world  and has reached billions who have testified of a divine turnaround in their lives after their encounter with the daily devotional.


The book is not only the most sought after devotional in the world but also the most translated book in the world with 796 translations and counting. This life changing book is also the number one evangelistic  tool used by ministers and members of the BLW nation.


The book is known for her faith-filled and rich spiritual content that helps guide believers and all alike through their everyday activity. The book not only offers scripture based teachings but also contains prayers and confessions that empower, equip and charge up its readers.


Rhapsody of realities has also become a friend to many nations as it celebrates with them in their festive seasons and also stands as a support in their times of distress. The book brings hope, faith and showers love to all who come in contact with it. No wonder it got the nickname Messanger Angel. Rhapsody of Realities is indeed a book worth getting.

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