Rev Chris Oyakhilome Miracles

Rev Chris Oyakhilome, pioneer of Christ Embassy International, has been utilized powerfully by God to impact amazing supernatural occurrences. Individuals from everywhere throughout the world have been set free from long haul disease and inabilities in the wake of going to sessions at the Christ Embassy Healing School. A progression of administrations went to by thousands from diverse landmasses are held at the Healing School at given times of the year. Amid these sessions the Holy Spirit is present in the atmosphere as worshippers lift up their souls in bonafide, open love. To further improve their confidence and desire, the participants listen to confirmations from past graduates of the school.

One of these past graduates is Geraldene Le Roux. She returned to affirm how she was totally set free from asthma. From youth she had carried on with an existence of confinement, stressing over how her surroundings could trigger an assault. In any case, all that changed when she went to the Healing School in 2011 and was touched by the minister of Christ Embassy. From that point forward she has possessed the capacity to lead an ordinary life and she continuously praises God for His marvelous power. 54 year-old Elizabeth Brendekamp had been living in torment and incapacity for over 30 years subsequent to a stroke in her twenties. She had lived with discomfort in her right leg that would not permit her to walk appropriately. Her story changed when she went to the Healing School and was touched by the man of God.

At the Chris Embassy Healing School, students are additionally given teachings from the Word of God that serves to reinforce their confidence. The individuals who might have gone to the session and were not spared are likewise allowed to encounter the supernatural power of salvation when the minister makes a alter call.

Regardless of the possibility that you were not ready to go to the school session, you can follow up on the Christ Embassy Healing School on the site.