6 Churches Evolve After Christ Embassy Holds Outreach in Lagos

The Bible says in Mathew 16:18 that the gates of hell shall not prevail against the church... and in Acts 19:20 and Acts 12:24 it was recorded that the Word of God grew mightily in other words in spread rapidly and prevailed. The same can be said of the outreach organised by Christ Embassy zone 1 and IMC4C which impacted lives greatly. Building atop the avalanche of miracles that characterized Lagos Zone 1 and the Inner City Mission's DYBIM Yoruba outreach to 15 inner city communities, 6 n...

Confess and Declare your Way into the Coming Year

As the end of the year approaches, we start planning about the things needed to be carried out in the New Year. We want our all grievances to diminish along with the year. And we start looking forward to living life from all new prospective in the New Year. But, in order to leave our all sorrows behind and step into the year of opportunities, we need to make declarations like this: “This Year, you will not be ashamed to serve God. You will not be ashamed to preach the gospel. You will not ...

Lives Get Refreshed at The Miracle Faith Seminar Kabwe, Zambia

The Miracle faith Seminar is a programme organised by Christ Embassy Churches worldwide and so far it has been eventful with records of the miraculous. Several countries have held their own Miracle Faith Seminars and this time, Zambia was next on the list. Christ Embassy Kabwe hosted the Miracle Faith Seminar, which held in Zambia in the month of August 2016. The 3-day program was characterised by lifting worship, the exhortation by the Word and a demonstration of the power of God. Eac...

The Faithfulness of Jesus – Faithfulness (PART 1)

The faithfulness of Jesus Chris is unparalleled and completely true, and it has been proven many times. In the Holy Scriptures, we can read a series of circumstances testifying faithfulness of our Lord Jesus Christ. Hebrews 6:18 says God cannot lie, nor can He break an unconditional promise that He says He will fulfill. Every covenant He made is kept. Every promise or foretelling has or will come true. Testimony after testimony of God’s faithfulness is certainly found throughout the Bible and is...

Rhapsody of Realities Floods Berlin with BLW Message

The Messenger Angel, Rhapsody of Realities radiated the light of the Gospel throughout Berlin, Germany. The book authored by the esteemed Man of God, Rev Chris Oyakhilome took its course in Germany and as always the power in the Word of God took over. The 2016 ReachOut Germany Campaign with the Messenger Angel, Rhapsody of Realities, is ongoing and partners have been spreading the light and love of Jesus all over the country. In Berlin, brethren hit the streets with much excitement...

Ministers’ Refresher Course – Enables You Change the World

Renowned Preacher, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is working towards transforming lives through his homiletic teachings of the Gospel. His preaching reveals the importance of God’s presence in their lives. He also encourages youngsters to preach God’s Word, thereby joining him in pursuit of making people around the world realize the truth which is Christ Jesus. Christ Embassy – a megachurch founded by Pastor Chris – runs a number of courses. The Ministers' Refresher Course is one of such courses mea...

The Glory of Unity – (Part 3)

This message is intended to take the discussion on the subject ‘Unity’ a bit further. The first and the second articles talked about how to walk in unity and consequences of disunity respectively. The third article will reveal the ‘Glory of Unity’ to you. Enjoy. In Psalm 133 v 1 -3, David gives us an imagery of the glorious power of unity: Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity! It is like the precious ointment upon the head that ran down upon the b...

Christ Embassy Equips 360 Rehabilitation Centre Rooms in Germany with Rhapsody of Realities

Christ Embassy Brethren took advantage of Germany's Unification Day to reach patients of a rehabilitation centre. As the nation of Germany commemorated the unification of west and East Germany on the October 3, a national holiday, brethren from Christ Embassy churches throughout Germany, stormed their cities with a colourful ReachOut Campaign. Christ Embassy Bremen ceased the opportunity to express liquid love in a charitable work as brethren cleaned the facility of the Median Rehabili...

Invest in a Child Today

Our attitude towards children matters a lot. Do we neglect them or pay proper attention to their needs and observe their pattern of development. Most people don't and give one excuse or the other. It may be challenging as a parent, guardian or even an individual but the fact remains that if we don't cultivate the habit of taking proper care of these young ones, then we should prepare for the worst in the future. The Future? Yes, the future because irrespective of what you think or feel, th...

Warri Stands Up as Christ Embassy Celebrates Independence Day

It was a time of celebration, as Christ Embassy celebrated her motherland in grand style. The ministry organised a Praise Concert, colourful carnival float and immersive football tournament to mark the Reachout Nigeria (RON) campaign 2016 in Warri. Every year, Nigerians celebrate their independence with lots of captivating and exhilarating activities that reflect the Nigerian culture and heritage also depicting how far the country has gone. Tales of how Nigeria survived a war that would have ...